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Ask the Expert: Backup Power and Home Security Systems

Why is there a home security system boom in the U.S. today? Two reasons: they’re becoming more affordable, and recent research shows that they really do deter crime. A Rutgers School of Criminal Justice study showed that a steady decrease in burglaries in Newark coincided with an increase in the number of home security systems. […]


How Does Backup Power Work?

By: Aneta Podgorska, Marketing Manager, Kinsley Power Systems – an authorized Kohler Generators Distributor   Have you toyed with the idea of purchasing a generator for your home but don’t know how one works or even what to look for? The process of purchasing a generator is fairly straightforward and knowing how backup power works […]


The Fourth Time is the Charm: Centerville Greenhouses’ Generator Story

What’s that old saying, “Measure twice, cut once?” Well, there’s unmistakably a “buy-twice” pattern for many consumers when it comes to buying a generator for home or business standby power. In the home, it’s often a portable generator first, then later a robust standby generator with automatic transfer and no need for re-fueling. In a […]