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Ask the Expert: Backup Power and Home Security Systems

Why is there a home security system boom in the U.S. today? Two reasons: they’re becoming more affordable, and recent research shows that they really do deter crime. A Rutgers School of Criminal Justice study showed that a steady decrease in burglaries in Newark coincided with an increase in the number of home security systems. […]


The Fourth Time is the Charm: Centerville Greenhouses’ Generator Story

What’s that old saying, “Measure twice, cut once?” Well, there’s unmistakably a “buy-twice” pattern for many consumers when it comes to buying a generator for home or business standby power. In the home, it’s often a portable generator first, then later a robust standby generator with automatic transfer and no need for re-fueling. In a […]


Kohler Generators FAQs

If your Kohler home generator has been operating during an extended power outage, here are a few tips from our service team to keep handy. Please note that these are merely suggestions and maintenance guidelines. Please refer to your owner’s manuals for exact specifications and maintenance schedules. It’s very important to service your generator correctly […]