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A History of Innovation

“When I give tours at the KOHLER Power Systems manufacturing plant, I’m usually asked about history and innovation,” says David Wilson. “So I’ve developed what might be a pretty good Final Jeopardy question: ‘Delivered portable electricity to American farms in 1920 before Federal rural electrification.’ ” The answer: What is the KOHLER Automatic Power & […]


Electricity Free Recipe: Lights-Out Tacos

From our series of no-cook, emergency-pantry recipes submitted last fall for Kohler Generators “Dine in the Dark” sweepstakes, Patrick K. offers cold, delicious tacos. After all, says Patrick, “refried beans are usually the only hot part.” Cold tacos, to Patrick, are as tasty as cold pizza. THE RECIPE Lights-Out Tacos Preparation time: about 10 minutes. […]