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FAQ: How Does My New Kohler Generator Get Installed?

With Michael Dami, a fully licensed & insured master plumber. If you’re considering a Kohler home generator system, you naturally have questions. To answer a few of the most frequent installation questions, we spoke with Michael Dami of MPD Plumbing and Heating based in Situate, Mass., just south of Boston. Q:What questions are most asked by homeowners considering […]


Electricity Free Recipe: Peanut Butter Cookies

In the avalanche of no-cook, emergency-pantry recipes submitted last fall for Kohler Generators “Dine in the Dark” sweepstakes, one favorite kept coming up again and again: peanut butter! Or should we say peanut butter &? Here’s a list of some of the inventive “recipes” for peanut butter fun: Peanut butter on crackers Peanut butter s’mores […]